Customized Tungsten Alloy Products

Product Description

Tungsten Alloy Products

Physical Properties

Atomic weight



19.3 g/cc

Melting Point

3695 k 3410°C, 6191°F

Boiling Point

5828K, 5900°C, 10031°F

Pure Tungsten

Tungsten metal is known for its multi purpose role. Tungsten alloy is reckoned for its high melting point and has low vapor pressure level. Its tensile strength remains unaffected even when temperature exceeds up to 1650 degrees of all metals. Its tensility is slightly affected by most of the mineral acids. Due to its thermal expansion co efficiency, this metal is a preferred choice for glass as well as metal sealing work. This metal releases less infrared energy.

The common applications of Tungsten include:

Aerospace applications

Electrical Contacts



Furnace applications

Glass to metal sealing

Nuclear applications


Television and light bulb filament

Tungsten is too difficult to handle due to its complex milling and turning procedures. The forming of this metal need to be conducted under high temperature. Riveting and welding of this metal are not advised. E.D.M is considered as the preferred option to machine tungsten metal.