GR1 6Al4V Eli Titanium Sheets

Product Description

Product Specifications
  • Density                                   4.51 Milligram per cubic meter (mg/m3)
  • Chemical Composition             6Al4V

Titanium Plate(Titanium Sheet)
Type: hot and cold rolled
Thickness:0.8-4.75mm(cold rolled); Production Capacity: 10tons per month

Thickness:5.0-50.8mm(hot rolled); Production Capacity: 50tonsper month
Width:<1,000 mm(cold rolled); Width: <2,200mm(hot rolled)
Length:<2,400mm(cold rolled);Length: <10,000mm(hot rolled)
Specs: ASTM B265, AMS 4911 ,GB/T 3621,
Application: industrial and medical

Packing: fixed by steel pallet

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The slabare manufactured by close-die forging of ingots on vertical hydraulic presseswith rated capacity of 300 and 750 MN, followed by rolling or free forging on60 MN press with or without subsequent rolling.

The slabsare supplied in accordance with ASTM B-265 with the machined surface.